Axxess Uncapped ADSL: R99 per month


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Oct 13, 2009
product change

so, after lots of hassles with this service i have canceled it, with effect end of October. the last straw was their product description page that as changed. what used to have a few logos of services like YouTube, Facebook and more, and words like "gaming" thrown in has now all disappeared. their fair-use policy used to state that only P2P, news and file sharing like Rapidshare would be shaped. however, look at the new fair use policy:

Acceptable User Policy
Our Acceptable User Policy (AUP) for these accounts allows for browsing and e-mail only.
These accounts do not allow for downloading or multimedia streaming.

So, if you're looking for multimedia or downloading, rather try our just Uncapped or just Uncapped Express+ accounts.

not at all the same, is it? no multimedia streaming? i also cannot log into Steam without issues, and League of Legends cannot contact their server either. i hope thats just a problem with these services' servers, or i will be really bummed!
Oct 1, 2010
Not shaped, blocked!

I reckon since IS added more bandwidth to this product because of oversubscription, they will have a lot more bandwidth surplus once everyone has cancelled their accounts after a month of trying it.

A word of warning to all that want to get this account. It is for surfing and email ONLY! NO downloads, NO p2p, NO streaming video, NO skype.

My experience so far:
p2p traffic is blocked as access to the trackers are blocked and cannot update.
DHT also does not work. I think they sniff dht packets and block those IP addresses announced through the protocol.
Surfing works OK as long as you just surf and do not download. In other words, if there is a big file embedded in the page, your surfing experience will be adversely affected.
Don't try to get the latest update to some of your software. exe and zip files are blocked.
I use skydrive to store financial and important documents in microsoft's cloud. This works, albeit very slowly. Do not try to store that 40 mb pdf file. Even the upload will slow to a crawl halfway through.
Download that do work, are probably blacklisted soon after they are identified as some downloads do 1 - 2 mb and then go down the tubes.
Don't even try proxies and VPNs
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