Bad Parking Pictures

Ivan Leon

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May 27, 2008
Why bother reverse parking into this bay, and then have to leave space to open the driver's door & get out, causing them to encroach into the empty bay, when they could simply have parked nose first, much closer to the line separating their bay & that of the Merc, and had ALL that empty space on the right available for door opening & exiting.

Their logic - or severe lack of it in this case - puzzles me.


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Sep 10, 2016

While the next door neighbour was parking a woman came up and asked if they wrote the horrible note (my girlfriend wrote a note saying "Don't park on red lines arsehole" and stuck it to the windscreen with glue) to which the neighbour responded no. Then the woman said a friend was dropping her son off and they went inside for 5 minutes and she understands her friend shouldn't have parked there but the letter was so rude and all my girlfriend had to do was say be careful where you park.

Don't know what world this woman is living in where 5 minutes = 1 hour. If I had been there I would've left a note with every swear word I know. Wonder how rude she would think that is.
This crap needs a tin of brake fluid poured on the bonnet