BCom Informatics degree? A request for some information


New Member
Dec 27, 2017
Hi all. I am currently in matric wanting to finalise my career choices and applications to universities. I am currently looking at studying a BCom informatics degree at either UP or Wits and I just wanted to find some extra information about the degree possibly from people who are currently studying it or who have completed it and are working. I was originally looking at a degree in Computer Sciences but I realised that it probably wasn't the correct degree for me due to its huge focus on maths and programming while I am more interested in the business applications of IT (even though Informatics has some programming, but not as complex as CompSci which I am fine with).

I just wanted to find whether there is a demand for people with this qualification and what people's experiences are with finding a job with this qualification e.g how long it took to find a job after graduating, whether there is a huge focus on having work experience, what the job is like in real (e.g if you are a business analyst).

I also wanted to know which university is the best university to go to between Wits and UP for this degree, and some things to look out for or think about before studying it.

Thank you :)