Bearing knock on Suzuki SX4 2.0Auto


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Sep 6, 2018
Good Day

A little feedback is required please;

In June'18 my above vehicle suffered a bearing knock, on the day it was due for a service. Took it to the accredited RMI repairer and was quoted after engine was stripped R22K and the reason was given as oil that was sluggish, in a nutshell I was told that oil wasn't changed at previous service, I phoned the dealership who performed service in 2017 but was blatantly ignored and I was told it could've been because I was 7K over my service interval for 2018.

Well I had work started by the RMI repairer and only collected my vehicle in the week of the 20th of August because of financial constraints and on the day of driving off about 2km away from the repair shop the car made a horrible noise, sounded like metal on metal and on route back it lost all power completely, vehicle had to be towed back to repair shop and in their assessment I was told that the oil wasn't circulating because of a damaged fuel pump, my question is should this not have been sorted as they were doing a complete engine overhaul and was apparently testing the vehicle for 3 weeks prior in me collecting and to date I'm still left with no vehicle, the repairs which was initially done must be re-done but obviously at no cost to me as the work is guaranteed for 10k km or 6months.