Behind the scenes look at how online shopping works in South Africa


Apr 2, 2008
Cool man, so if i have online business, I can use them for stock warehousing and shipping, or is this more aimed at the large distributors ?

That's the idea - with UAfrica we really branch out into a multi-channel platform - so as an online business you would move your online shop to UAfrica (which is in essence a Shopify platform with custom integrations into payments and fulfilment) and you will then be able to "fan" out your products to multiple market places (such as bidorbuy). You manage your orders within the UAfrica platform.

So instead of you managing stock, you would instruct your distributors to ship to ParcelNinja which will then scan and load your stock into their inventory. You would then export that inventory into UAfrica which would then push it out into your online shop and other integrated platforms. Once a sale is for example done on bidorbuy, we will push the order into UAfrica which would then issue the fulfilment request to ParcelNinja. In short, you would never see your product and would not have to worry about storage, picking, packing, shipping, insurance etc.

On a side note, I think people like @Sly underestimate the complexity of fulfilment (especially when it comes to returns, back orders etc) - there are many processes which are not visible (such as SLA agreements with couriers, least cost routing etc).


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Mar 24, 2010
"Once the customer clicks to complete their order, the order notification is sent to Parcelninja’s system. The system then assigns the order to one of Parcelninja’s picking staff, who will then start picking the products which form part of the order".

Or they just cancel thre order while waiting for your eft to clear and sell it to someone else..


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Jan 13, 2014
What a process. Quite impressive to know the ins and outs of this