Best and worst online shops in South Africa


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Jan 29, 2015
Re: Your report posted to us today headed Best and worst online shops in South Africa

As interesting as this is, I wish it was up-to-date. The report is dated January 12 2015!

At that time we were receiving EXCELLENT customer support and feedback from Takealot. They were on the ball then and seemed to want to give you the best deal (whereas now, they often "inexplicably" up the price on anything they see you are searching for - that's happened to us!). In 2015, they also did not offer third parties the option to sell goods via them - and then say, as they do now, that they can't answer any of your queries about such items.

Unfortunately, this means all of the other info on this list is equally out of date.

Please give up updated information, even if you refer back to what happened some years ago!


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Aug 3, 2018
I might be wrong since I am new here but I think this post needs to be moved to a more related forum group?