Best SA ISP for streaming internet TV eg. Netflix?


Serial breaker of phones
Oct 2, 2007
You know what I still find most frustrating no matter which ISP you join they along with Telkom as a co conspirator still lie to you about what they are selling you.
I have a 10Mbps line and at best I get 3Mbps but on average I am somewhere around 0.3Mbps. This is just plain and simple fraud. They are delivering less thatn 5% of what II am paying for on average. Imagine going to the petrol station and asking for R200 unleaded and instead they only put R10 worth in your tank and took your R200 as payment or if you went to Mac Donalds and asked for a Quarter pounder with Cheese and they gave you a single cheese flavoured Nicknack. This is what they are all doing and because some governing body says it is OK they get away with it. It is just wrong and we should all stand up against it as Users and complain on every forum and social media platform we can find!

So then down grade your line to 4meg and save money?