Best-selling electric vehicles in South Africa and how much they cost


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May 24, 2010
Most popular electric cars in South Africa — and their prices

Electric vehicle market share in South Africa showed significant improvement in 2021, with sales rising to 218 from 92 in 2020.

Citing, BusinessDay reported that the best-selling electric vehicle (EV) in South Africa in 2021 was the Mini Cooper SE, which made up 31% of total EV sales in the country.
Mini only has 13kw according to the article
Pricing and electricity costs. And electricity availability.

More companies need to manufacture hybrid cars as this, quite possibly, is the more affordable future for us all!
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Where you gonna charge it? : o
A few malls in CPT ahve charging stations too.

I wouldn't drive an EV outside the confines of a larger city, but 80% of my driving is to work, shops, etc.
EV's are a con if electricity still comes from filthy coal power stations. So until there is clean energy to charge EV's then are they that beneficial. Should we discuss the cobalt mines?
Lol that Minis range. When my cars says says 200km left its like damn where's the fuel station.
At least we will have quiet city roads.... rush hour traffic will be a thing of the past and see a car every 250km on the highways too...
I am actually stuck between choosing the BMW or the Porsche but unfortunately I can't really control my dreams at night