Best VPN to use in 2020?


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Jun 17, 2009
It would be best do your own research on this matter as there are A LOT of factors to consider if you want to use a vpn for streaming and you will most certainly run into problems frequently while doing so.

1: how fast is your telkom lte? Do you get any packatloss on your internet? When streaming from international servers, you can often not even stream in HD due to the distance of the server and telkoms ability for international transit if you choose a smart dns service. If you choose a vpn then you WILL receive a speed reduction and how much of a reduction depends on the vpn service you choose.

2: to get a vpn working on a router level you will need to purchase a custom router from a vpn provider and these are mostly very expensive, around R5000+ which you will need to bridge with your lte router if it supports it. It might be possible to flash custom vpn firmware on your existing router but it will need to support the firmware and can usually be found on the vpn's website somewhere. Also keep in mind that if you mess this up you can brick your router.

3: easiest method would be to run a pc with said vpn software connected to your tv but even then you will need to do thorough research on vpn providers as major streaming services are very quick to block IP address pools from connecting, leaving you to either constantly look through different servers or wait for the vpn to update their IP pools. The easiest way past this is to get a residential dedicated IP address but only a select few vpn providers offer this and will cost a premium more.

Thanks for taking the time to write a very detailed reply. Looking at the above, and other replies, i think she will maar just have to be happy to have the normal Netflix. Think i will activate my Amazon Prime (only used for Grand Tour :love:) again, so that we can have a bit more content


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Apr 7, 2019
In short, I want to say that the choice of a VPN service is a very important issue, because at the moment there are very few good and working services. Therefore, I can advise you to use one site, where all the best VPN services at the moment are collected, I can vouch for them. And besides, I don't even need to vouch for them, they have passed a long test by many users around the world, at the moment NORDVPN is in the lead, it is the most convenient and popular and can be downloaded from this website
It depend on country's normal regulations

By passing normal network is criminal in some country's in Africa

You are speaking on SA ,no problem in SA

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May 15, 2013
VPN exit nodes are almost as hot as Tor exit nodes so you best bet all your **** is being tapped once it leaves your VPN network. Tl;dr if you're doing illegal things make sure you're not doing VERY illegal things.