Big fibre price cuts and higher speeds for fibre in South Africa


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Apr 15, 2016
I think Vumatel is going to have to do something soon.
Ultimately as a business if you want to succeed you need to grow. Currently, for all the unserviced areas, if you as a potential client need to show your interest for a provider, would you show it for Vumatel? I don't think so.
Vumatel has backup from a big fibre company and belongs to a stronghold group. why would they drop their prices. When we were serviced by SADV we did pay a reasonable price but since they been taken over by Vumatel the prices were increased by more than 20%.


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Aug 12, 2017
Paying R895 for a 20/20 line via Rocketnet on Vumatel. Started off with about R450 for a 10/2 line. Thinking about how much data we actually use for streaming etc. and if we can maybe replace the fibre with the new CellC Connecta Flexi prepaid LTE options.

How do one monitor data usage on Vumatel with a entry level router?

Vumatel is taking us everyone for a ride.
Hi @joshuatree We do currently provide bandwidth utilisation, these stats can be obtained by logging onto your RocketNet Customer Portal and accessing your internet statistics screen. This unfortunately excludes Vumatel AE environments and is currently only feasible on GPON networks where a PPPoE account is used.

Itsa Trap

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Jan 22, 2020
Dear MBB modosophont

Kindly, in future, when referring to "Big fibre cuts prices" modify all your titles to read "...- but Vumatel -...", wherever it makes sense in your sentence.

Unless they have done the miraculous in the meanwhile and actually lowered their prices or upped their speed
at each pricing tier.

Thank you kindly.