Blackberry Billing issue


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Sep 7, 2006
My wife renewed her contract end of last month and chose a Blackberry as her replacement phone. Being a sms addict the full keyboard looked like a good idea.
The renewal was pretty straightforward with nothing out of the ordinary.
I looked at the Blackberry email bundles available a few days later, but she decided against it as she was not planning to use that feature.
Imagine our surprise when we opened the newest bill from Vodacom and found out that she has been billed R140 for a 25mb Blackberry package. There had not been any mention of this inclusion when we renewed her contract. And to top it all it was a double billing. It was sorted out after a very polite (read p!ssed off but calm) phone call.
A few days later she received a very apologetic phone call from Vodacom customer services notifying her that the contract had been removed. The interesting bit is that in that call they mentioned that hers was not the only case of this happening, it had accidentally been done to all blackberry users.
Check your phone bills. :cool:


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Feb 23, 2005
Thanks for the heads up. Mine seems fine.

BTW the email is the best thing about the blackberry!