Bloody end to Durban family gathering as soldiers, cop exchange fire


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Jun 25, 2010
Seems there may be more to this...

Party turns into manic shoot-out
Five injured as bullets fly in altercation between off-duty SANDF
members and police at 50th birthday celebration

FIVE people were injured when off-duty SANDF members and policemen opened fire on each other in a wild exchange on a Durban beach at the weekend.

The shooting took place at a 50th birthday party being held at Ansteys Beach on the Bluff on Saturday night.
Melani Simon, whose husband was celebrating his 50th birthday, said she was shocked by the night’s events. “It was mad, it was so hectic,” she said.

Simon, from Wentworth, said a relative’s car key broke in the ignition and some in their party left to get tools to fix the car, while others tried asking for help from passing motorists.

It was during this time that they stopped a car with SANDF members. Simon said the conversation between the two groups became heated and soon shots were fired.

As pandemonium broke out, people were scrambling for cover, and a relative who was a policeman shot back.
Simon said police later came to the scene and said they could not go into a nearby lodge where the SANDF members were as this would be the responsibility of military police.

Five people were injured in the shoot-out, with two being released on the night as they had minor injuries, she said.

Two women and a man who were critically injured were hospitalised.

Asked about their condition, Agiza Hlongwane, KZN health spokesperson, cited patient confidentiality and referred all queries to the police because the incident was under investigation.

Another witness gave a different version of events. It happened at about 11pm. There was a group of about 13 people celebrating at the 50th birthday party for a man among them, he said.

The witness, who asked not to be named because he feared for his safety, said a black BMW arrived later in the night.

Three men alighted from the vehicle and went to where the party was being held. The man said one of the revellers took a rock and smashed the windows of the BMW.

“The three men casually walked back to their car and took out their pistols. The group of party-goers were shouting and swearing at these men, telling them they were gangsters from Wentworth,” he said.
The three men started firing at the party-goers, who fired back.

“A man from the BMW complained that his gun was not shooting how he wanted it to, so he took a semi-automatic rifle from his car. That’s when things really became bad. He told his friends to walk ahead of him and he started shooting so much the party-goers could not respond,” he said.

People were running for cover in all directions, some to a nearby toilet, while one person jumped over a railing, about three metres down to the beach.

The witness said he was hiding in the bushes watching events unfold. “It was like fireworks going off.

“A man from a nearby flat tried to intervene and ran towards the scene with a gun. But there were so many shots being fired by the three men that he ran away. After that, the men got into the car and slowly drove away while the man with the semi-automatic rifle put the gun out of his window and kept firing shots into the air,” he said.

Police spokesperson Captain Nqobile Gwala said firearms seized would go for ballistics testing.

“Charges of attempted murder and assault are being investigated by Brighton Beach SAPS,” she said.

SANDF spokesperson Brigadier-General Mafi Mgobhozi confirmed that members of the force were involved in the incident. He said he was still trying to get details about what happened.
The second version, were these SANDF members the BMW's occupants? So, the second version, were these SANDF members the BMW's occupants? This seems to be a protect your own story going on here which may involve some illicit dealing...


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Mar 27, 2007
Seems there may be more to this...

The second version, were these SANDF members the BMW's occupants? So, the second version, were these SANDF members the BMW's occupants? This seems to be a protect your own story going on here which may involve some illicit dealing...



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Aug 31, 2008
the "soldiers" may have been on duty traveling between the naval base below in the harbour to the naval ops rooms and bunker at the top of the bluff.
According to the article they were staying in a nearby guest house:

These guys stopped and when we asked them if they had pliers, they started swearing at us," she said.
"A big misunderstanding followed. Then they went into their guesthouse and, minutes later, I just heard gunshots," Simon added.

Police sources with knowledge of the incident said the SANDF personnel had returned to the guesthouse after the shooting.


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Feb 26, 2011
Pretty standard for African military IMO.

This is how revolutions are born.
Step 1: Have no discipline (because Africa)
Step 2: People lose faith
Step 3: Military takes over
Step 4: Dictator
Let me guess, Zuma is behind this and this is the beginning of a coup whereafter he is going to be our dictator?


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Sep 19, 2005
Let me guess, Zuma is behind this and this is the beginning of a coup whereafter he is going to be our dictator?
I mean I could see Zuma running something, ie> having the mentality and support.
But no, I don't think it'll happen until the economy reaches Zimbabwean levels.
Or some other drastic loss of confidence in the ANC.

Nor do I see it as being "Zuma". These things are always a power struggle


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Nov 23, 2009
I have a feeling these guys were in Durban for the ANC birthday celebration and that they were the "bodyguards" for either the Minister or the Chief.


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Jul 14, 2014
What the **** are SANDF soldiers doing walking around with assualt rifles in public.

Hang the bastards
Completely unrelated, but yesterday I saw a military minibus outside the mall, and there was one military guy standing around with his assault rifle in hands. Presumably waiting for the rest. Unusual to just see them with weapons out like that.


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Nov 23, 2009
Do they offer protection services as well? I thought that was the responsibility of the SAPS?
Everyone does their own thing but the responsibility is actually with SAPS but the Chiefs and DG's etc usually throw the trust issue forward as their reason for choosing their own people.


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Mar 26, 2010
PICS: SA soldiers involved in beach shooting

DURBAN - The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) is investigating the shooting of five people at Ansteys Beach on the Bluff, Durban.

It is alleged that the shooting happened while they were leaving a birthday party at the beach last month when an argument broke out between the partygoers and members of the SANDF.

Tashwin Bunting, 36, said he was sitting at the back of the car when he heard gunshots. He believes he was the first to get shot.

“There are nights when I close my eyes and all I hear are gunshots,” said one of the five people who was allegedly shot.

Bunting said they were at the party for a police officer. The officer noticed that Bunting was hit in the head and asked the driver of the car to rush him to hospital.
More at : [contains some pics of people recovering from shooting injuries ]


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Feb 7, 2004
It was reported a while back that they were CR's bodyguards - SANDF special forces. Will try find link..

Bluff shooting update: Soldiers who shot civilians were Ramaphosa’s guards

A strange, troubling situation erupted last weekend as the president's bodyguards turned their firearms on citizens at Durban Bluff.


City Press unearthed some more details about the fiery exchange and found some absolute gems. It turns out that the soldiers were in fact bodyguards for Cyril Ramaphosa, and the president himself has been involved in trying to resolve the situation.

The offenders are part of the SA Special Forces Brigade, but they currently work for as bodyguards for the president. They had recently been on duty following Cyril’s address at the Moses Mabhida Stadium.

Five weapons seized including three R5 rifles and two pistols.
52 Bullet shells were discovered at the scene.
A case of attempted murder has been opened.
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