Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for coronavirus


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Jul 11, 2005
The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, has announced live on television he has tested positive for coronavirus.

Bolsonaro, 65, has repeatedly trivialized the pandemic and flouted social distancing, even as Brazil became the second-worst hit country after the United States, with more than 65,000 deaths and 1.6 million confirmed cases.

In March, as Covid-19 claimed its first victims in Brazil, the far-right populist used an address to the nation to brag that, if infected, he would quickly shake off the illness thanks to his “athlete’s background”.

Since then, Bolsonaro has continued to attend social events and political rallies, often wearing masks incorrectly, or not wearing them at all.



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Mar 6, 2004
This is karma.

Stupid twat.

Brazil is often compared to SA from a socio-economic point of view and Brazil is doing a lot worse even taking into account population size differences.


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Feb 23, 2016
We need martyrs, not that this oke can ever be considered one. For once in my life, I really hope he succumbs to it along with trump soon. They deserve it for the **** they caused just in their countries alone .

T-2 weeks to Rest n Pain.

however, the sceptic in me, also if of the school of thought, that he is lying that he has CV19, only to further his agenda in a few weeks to say that he recovered and he was right that it is ok to get it, etc