Bride discovers husband is a woman… six months into marriage


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Jun 12, 2007
An Indian woman has discovered that her husband is actually a woman, after being married for six months.

Minati Khatua, from Orissa, allegedly found out the hidden truth after walking in on her spouse taking a bath.

Her husband, known as Sitakant Routray, had originally said that he was not willing to consummate the pair's marriage as 'he' was observing a religious ritual.

Police have now launched an investigation into the marriage, with investigators believing that the groom could have gone through with the ceremony in order to receive the dowry which is presented on these occasions, with a car, gold ornaments and £350 in cash part among the gifts.

'I thought he was devout and respectful of me. But when I walked into the bathroom there was no mistaking that my husband was 100 per cent a woman.

It is also being reported that Routray has now vanished with a car and a jeep, which were bought with loans taken from a bank account in Ms Khatua's name.

'I always try and unpack that he was a man, but failed many times. What was feared has been proved; she is a woman,' Ms Khatua added.

What would you do if you found out your SO was in fact from the opposite sex? :erm:


Jan 9, 2010
Haha intense!
She should've seen the mood swings and the extra tampons around.