Broken Headlight Cover - Question

Somebody backed into me (fairly gently it seems) and the cover of the left headlight broke. No other damage.

After spending the morning phoning around, it seems I HAVE to replace the entire unit at a cost of R6000. Even the 'dodgy' spares guys are telling me this.

Why is this? And does anybody know a guy who can just replace the outer cover?

(The person who backed into me drove off, the car guard obviously didn't take down number plates, and there is no CCTV footage, so I cannot claim from them. My excess is R6000. - For those who are wondering why I just don't claim from insurance.)


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I remember actual glass headlights. The clear glass part was indeed separate from the reflector and bulb housing.

Now it's all single polycarb units.
You are right, I now remember since my Corsa still have glass headlights, but even then when one broke I had to buy the whole thing, I doubt those covers are sold separately.


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Those things have to be airtight to prevent condensation and dirt buildup.

Best bet is to check AliExpress, eBay or scrapyards like metal motor spares.