Business broadband without any lock-ins

This is good news for the business market. Not easy for others to follow because of up-front costs (like installation, router etc). Good move by ATC.
Wow R1900 for what most of the world gets for R300, uncapped and unshaped.
I am trying to detect from their website, with no avail :

Do they offer fixed IP ?
Do they offer FTTH ?
Any idea on costs per capped GB ?
I would like to sign up for this too, is it uncapped unshapped like the rest ? I noticed that their price on their website is ex vat. Still nice as you have no contracts. I am sure it does include fixed ips etc as it mentions something that it includes the hardware. I am however sure we will see similar offerings from other isps as soon as they start feeling the pinch of isps like this one.

Way to go Altech.
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Horrible website. Full of flash (ugh), prices quoted ex vat (illegal) and the key info isn't listed (pricing). And no I don't want to fill out a bloody form to get the info.

Pricing (again ex VAT) is available on the MyBB site here though.

Instead of monitoring usage and ‘managing’ or ‘shaping’ down traffic that it not deemed to originate from a business application (as most internet service providers in South Africa do), Altech Technology Concepts’ network has been inherently designed to give higher priority to business related applications.
So its still shaped...

All that said, the pricing is pretty damn good considering that its got proper redundancy so definite props there to Altech. :)
I think the new consumer act is going to have an effect on contracts with slow internet access...

roll it on!