Call options: Telkom flla landline vs Mobile vs VOIP


May 22, 2009
Hi, I have a Telkom flla contract phone with sim with anytime call free telkom-telkom landline package, a mobile cell c contract package with 100 minutes free, and a prepaid 40c / min voip line. The idea was to call using the telkom line for all telkom landline calls, use the mobile cell c for mobile numbers and the voip as a secondary line. Since many telephones have numbers ported and not knowing whether the number is Telkom landline or mobile number, I end up with my Telkom bill with additional costs for "other networks".. I am presently using a dual sim phone with Cell C sim on sim 1 and the Telkom sim on sim 2, as well VOIP line using a voip app. Thus I have 3 lines on my mobile phone. The question is how to use my lines cost efficiently by routing my outgoing calls through the correct network.

basil katakuzinos

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Aug 12, 2016
Hi @satron sadly I don't have an answer to your question but have you considered looking for a plan that offers affordable call rates to all numbers, this will save you a tone of time and unless you are making many hundreds or thousands of mins worth of calls per month it probably wont cost you much more, if not the same, I use Axxess VOIP, its linked to my mobile phone and my VoIP cordless phones in my house. Axxess charges me 80c/min to mobile and 39c to Landlines.