Can I cancel Telkom LTE contract if I was removed from the coverage zone??


Mar 12, 2015

I am currently on the SmartBroadband Wireless 50GB deal on Telkom LTE and it was working decently up and till lockdown started. Now I am aware of the congestion issues relating to lockdown so I expected a week or so of intermittent connection. Unfortunately, it hasn't gone back to what it was and upon investigation, it seems that Telkom made adjustments to their coverage map and excluded our house and 1 or 2 neighbours from the map. Currently, the latency is between 50 and 500 and the speeds range from 0.2Mbps to 10Mbps depending on the weather.

Obviously I want to cancel the contract and get a more fixed connection and it seems I do have fibre in my area. But, by cancelling the contract normally I calculated the penalty at R800+R60x(8 months)= R1280. That equates to around 3 months payment.

Is there anyone that can advise on how to get the contract cancelled without paying the R800 "admin fee" as I would've not been able to get the contract if there was no coverage in the first place? I have no problem in paying the residual on the router.


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Aug 31, 2008
Try this tool I'm using LTE Preferred and 2300Mhz / B40

Good luck!