Can I return my Vodacom phone phone within 7 days?


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Jul 20, 2008
Answer me this guys. The store has to buy that phone from Vodacom and it gets charged to their hardware account with Vodacom. Once issued on a upgrade or contract, the system validates the IMEI of the phone the consultant put in when processing the upgrade or activating the new contract. Once that is done, the system issues a credit note for that phone to the dealer's hardware account so it balances out. Now you bring the phone back (even if it is after 1 day) because oh ... lets say you dont like the colour because it does not match your drapes in the living room of your house. You are expecting them to take a phone which has been used and a box that has been opened back and give your another phone? Now, they could reverse the upgrade or contract and do it all over with the phone you now want, but that means Vodacom does a claw back on your hardware account again for the first phone. So the store is going to be out of pocket on their hardware account by well, it could be R20 000.00 region depending on what make and model it is. The phone they have taken back from you they will now be stuck with because trust me, no one is going to buy this phone when it has been opened and used by someone else, even if the store sells it at cost with no markup. Does this sound fair to you guys?

Should you get to return the phone just because you don't like it? No.

I disagree with the bold though. I don't beileve that the mark up is so small that the deceive wouldn't sell as 'opened' at cost.