Can you reverse a standard bank debit order intended for standard bank


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Jan 25, 2016
So... I decided I want to change insurance companies from standard bank to someone else cheaper and I found them. I had a look at my policy document and in the cancellation section, it said that I can cancel anytime and I won't get a refund/pro-rata paid back which is fine.

So today I called them and said I'm done with them, I don't want to continue with this insurance. Then the lady tells me that I'm still going to be charged tomorrow and I'll be covered until the end of the month because they have processed the payments already. I don't want this cover and I didn't know about this 30 days notice(hence I checked my document). Now they sent me a different policy document for all insurance which was never given to me and it states that there is 30 days notice. But the document that has my policy number doesn't mention this at all and so I'm annoyed that I'm going to be charged and there is no pro-rata. If they had charged me already, I'd be fine with it but they haven't. They've basically processed the payment but it will be going off tomorrow.

Could I get this debit order reversed? I'm their client and I would like to reverse the charge. R1800 is a lot of money. The thing about them having processed this 2 days ago should actually have nothing to do with me in my opinion.