Celebrities dying from Covid-19


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Feb 23, 2005
You need to try and keep up here, that was in the covid forum section.
Common sense should also dictate that when posting news articles the same rules apply irrespective of what forum section they're in, with the exception of number four perhaps.

1) Please check that nobody has already posted the same article. Do a quick scan of the first two or three pages in this section to check for the article. You can also do a Search for the article. If you accidentally post the same article, no problem, the mods will merge it with the previous thread. Generally speaking each new news item or incident should have its own thread. Major new events or breaking stories can go in a new thread.​
2) Please use the News Article Headline as your Thread Title. Please do not use the Thread Title for personal comment or opinion and try to keep it as objective as possible. Please also do not use ALL CAPS for Thread Titles. Your Thread Title may be edited by a moderator to reflect the actual article headline or content.​
3) Please include a Source link in the body of the Post so that we know where you got the article from. All CURRENT news items are valid as long as they are from legitimate news sources. Please try to avoid Tabloid Articles or Opinion Pieces, you may rather post those in the Off Topic Section. If you feel the Opinion Piece is Newsworthy enough or relevant enough you post it with a tag in front of the headline [Opinion].​
4) Please post your own comments and opinions in a separate post AFTER the article. Rather keep the News Article in its own post. Also try to avoid re-quoting very long articles if you are only adding one line of comment. Please do not edit or highlight the source article. Rather quote the article in a separate post.
5) When posting News Articles from other sites and major news outlets, please do not quote the entire article as this will most probably be a violation of copyright. Rather just post the link and then quote two or three of the most relevant paragraphs. We do not want people to steal the MyBB articles in their entirety so we wish to show the same respect to other sites. Quoting entire articles also steals advertising revenue from other sites. See below for an example of how to quote articles from other news sites.​
6) We do have subscriptions to certain News Feeds so we are allowed to post some articles in their entirety. Please change the headlines from uppercase to lowercase and include the credit tag at the end. Please see below for an example of how to post a articles.​
7) Posting links by themselves is generally NOT acceptable. This is considered "Link Dropping" and can be a form of Trolling. Please include a small summary of what the link is about.​
8) No pictures of dead people, extreme violence please. Can you please not publish any violent or disturbing content/images, including pictures of dead people.​
9) Any insulting or denigrating references to Racial/National/Genetic groups will be removed (please report them as your normally would). But insults directed at political or ideological groups will be more leniently evaluated and are generally classed as free speech. Please understand this distinction. References to religious groups will be evaluated when reported but are generally frowned upon as incitement.​

Regrettably I will probably have to sticky it at the top.
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