Cell C applies to transfer I-ECS, I-ECNS, and spectrum licences to The Prepaid Company

Their whole model is/was messed up.

I got my fibre through a company called iConnect about 6 years ago. It was R615 for 100/100.
CellC took over the business maybe 4 years ago and I'm still paying R615....and my speed is 200/50
No contract.

Looking at average prices, they are WAY under. Not complaining though :D
They should have better marketed and managed their cheap products. Looking at their website there's 2 places to buy LTE with different pricing. Then USSD gives even different pricing. There's no consistent product being driven from multiple angles.
Ok...so they effectively won't be a network at all any more. They will now be like FNB Connect, Capitec Connect etc.

Capitec and FNB should start negotiating with MTN and Vodacom of just moving over directly over to them.

What happened to the WOAN by the way??
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Damn remember when they were giving away hummers

CellC is who 50cent was referring to in W*nksta they was the "man" when I was in highschool
When a company sells it's most valuable assets, you know it's over.
When you sell your money making assets, it is all but over.

@Jan it would be nice if you could do an article of the key milestones in their demise:

The rise and fall of Cell C.