Cell C Dropping LTE - What are the alternatives?


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Oct 9, 2013
As per the heading. I received notice from M-web that they are ending the Cell C contracts at the end of October and that they now offer Fibre (not available in my area) or a similar LTE package via Telkom.

I currently pay R530 for 100GB and have my own router
Telkom's offer = 50GB anytime + 50GB Bonus + 100GB night time (12am - 7am) @ R759
+"Free Router" valued at R1999 (Huawei B525)

Problems with this:
1) I have a router, don't want to pay for a "free" router with my monthly package
2) I'm never going to use the night time data, so I'll pay R229 more for the same amount of data
3) According to the sales consultant I'll be debited the full price of the router should I cancel before the end of the 24-month contract

I see all the ISP's are running with the exact same deal (Mweb, Openweb, Vox, Afrihost, Axxess etc.) Only Axxess indicates that a sim only option is "coming soon".

Anyone in the same boat as I? I'm not keen on the Telkom option except if I can do it on a month to month package, with my own router at a reduced rate.


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Aug 14, 2008
Been with CellC since they started in 2001. Wonderful service, both voice and data up to Jan this year

LTE dropped from 20 mbps to 0,6 mpbs
Signal at home was always 5 bars, now it is 1 and "LTE" usually off

I got a Telkom SIM and used that. I buy prepaid voice and data now and then. Its the same price

It was a palava porting the number. Bought a pre-paid SIM and phoned 081XX customer care number. Unhelpful and clueless. Spent nearly 2 hours at Telkom shop. Horrible experience, clerk picked his nose all the time. In the end a friend who works at a CellC shop did it

LTE from Telkom is certainly better than CellC. Pity their customer service is so abysmal