Changes on Rain from the weekend, Locked to bad tower on rain side.


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Jun 28, 2010
Anyone here with issues today?

Looks like I am no longer able to connect to the tower I used to, Even when forcing the connection,
From the Rain website, I am also no longer able to see any of the other towers,
During initial setup, Rain engineers were on site and found that the tower I am currently connected to, (Closest Tower)
I had a very bad line of sight to the tower, Hence they setup the router to connect to another tower further away, But with much better results. I see that this morning I am not longer able to connect to that tower, It is almost as if it is being kicked off the tower.
It looks like it tries to connect I can see it latching and then it connects to the closest tower.
When forcing it to any other tower using the PCI settings , it just refuses to connect ,.

Currently, i am Getting around 30 - 50 Mbps on 5G Premium, On Friday \ Sat morning, I was still able to get 100+ Mbps.

on the Bad tower

Forcing it to any other tower everything just goes N\A , doesn't matter the tower.

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