Cheap internet, cell and SMS


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Jun 14, 2010

My contract with MTN is up and looking for another serivce provider for data, cell and SMS. I've had it with MTN high rates and try as I might I'm having zero luck with Afrihost and getting back onto the package I had previously with them. two months almsot now!! I will not recommend Afrihost to anyone.
however, now it leaves me with a problem
Who else is there to use? I would like full control over the package I select, the data, calls and SMS. Afrihost was great in this regard and I nver used more than R200 on my phone but as mentioned, struggling for two months are just too long.

Is there anybody else out there using the MTN network who provide these services? (I need MTN network as this is the only network covering my area.

Many thanks


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Mar 30, 2016
Hi Christo4, Teldom doesnt work on my farm. Only MTN
Most offer MTN data only, they are not like Afrihost.

As mentioned above CellC has just started roaming on MTN's network, so get a prepaid Cell C some and test it out and if you happy port your number over to Cell C.

Also Telkom also Roams on MTN's network.