Cheap no name brand CCTV cameras, DVRs and their internet software


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Oct 2, 2008
Is this a good place to discuss this? If not, where can I go?

There are lots of no name brand CCTV systems which seem to work ok, but each one has its own problems. For example, the one I just got has a very unreliable playback function on the PC software: it is difficult to get it to play back, and when it does, it can suddenly go back to the present, and you have to start all over. Audio is also terrible on the PC app. Fortunately it has a much better Android app, but it should be easier to work on a PC.

I also have a weird problem with a camera that doesn't work on the cable I made for it, but does work on another cable, which is actually a bit longer. But the other cameras do work on that cable. So is the one camera overly sensitive to some impedance issue, and should I be able to return it? (I'm sure it will work in the shop on their tester.)

I can't spend a fortune on this hardware. I got the DVR for R700 and the cameras for R150 each - that seems pretty reasonable. My employer bought a professional system for 10x the price and still can't monitor the cameras on network PCs.