China grounds all Boeing 737 Max 8 planes after fatal crash


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Oct 1, 2005

My statement can hardly be considered false if China acted without any real of evidence to indicate that which we know to be true now (full story behind MCAS, dysfunctional procedures and memory items, etc)... Europe was forced to take action and so was Kulula - public opinion costs more than the potential loss of income (not to mention that Boeing will be paying compensation!). It's fairly convenient for the Chinese that Boeing is now in much deeper crap than before - and legitimately in this case. Order books are filling as we speak.

Or let's put it this way, if the Chinese DID know and acted based on solid evidence (it's taken months for the full picture to come to light, China acted without even 1/16 of a real picture), then we're dealing with bigger issues than ever imagined.

Edit: Just saw its sajunky I'm replying to. It's like I have nothing better to do, right :rolleyes:

Please explain what you mean by the bolded part?