China to spend $1.4-trillion to challenge US technology dominance


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Aug 27, 2015
Don't really see your chain anywhere, both are equally as dangerous in the end result while using different methods. Consider the usa has started more wars recently with very little direct opposition except for verbal condemnation, the usa even managed to rope in their allies as accomplices. The end of that chain is just being self held, which is just an obscuring illusion to provide false accountability. The reason why the chinese image game is being called out on is because the usa is deflecting world attention away from their own image game.

New zealand and the scandanavian countries might the best options at the moment for the global leadership mantle, but the lack of a spotlight on them means that whatever issues they might have are currently hidden away.
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Aug 4, 2005
Here's something that you need to be acutely aware of, China plays the image game better than anyone at the moment. In your link, China promised many things, none of which they delivered.

They are not a global citizen. China is for China.
That being said I agree with you, the U.S isn't as benevolent as they make out either. But at least the U.S has enough voices of reason that outrage is sparked when they do step over the line. And then someone else will be voted into power.

Compare this to China - speak out against the government and it's the end for you. There is no line that they can cross, there is no "too far". If we look at history; Stalin, Hitler, and Mao - this type of absolute power warps people's minds. Insanity becomes normality.

China and the U.S are both dangerous beasts, but only one has a chain.
Pretty much.. but I think over the last 20-30yrs they’ve gone from pretending to blatant disregard for anyone but themselves.

Trump has literally sped up their decline by a good 10yrs and while everyone seems to stupidly think we should clamor behind the US I disagree.

They are pretty much in it for themselves, basically the worse side of capitalism playing its hand now. I reckon region blocks, despite the EU experience is likely where we headed one way or another. They provide the best safe guards for parties involved and literally a precursor to a democratic global state.

The reason the US-China issues is so over blown has little to do with just China.. it’s about the fact that over the last 20yrs institutions like UN have become more democratic and veto power is looked down with higher disregard than ever before.

In popularity contest, the West, particularly the US is losing after a century of abuse on local and international soil. Unfortunately for them they becoming their worse enemies.. so yah. Fun times ahead for everything from labor, fiscal & monetary policy, travel, climate, health etc.

As much as the US wants to its own thing, the very institutions they made are coming full circle against them.

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May 20, 2010
I hope they spend some of that on making their stuff decent quality and long lasting.
Also Xi is a dangerous fellow. Countries should put sanctions against China while he's running the show, which is looking like it will be for life. He's already made all the arrangements to make it possible for him to hold his position till he dies.