Clarkson’s Farm – A review

ya they were bangers! ive laughed for top gear, ive laughed for Grand tour, ive laughed for all the specials they done, but i kakd myself for Clarksons farm, were they 1 hour episodes ?
Was a properly good & insightful as well. Episodes hovered around the 45mins to 55mins mark.
That is if he does not make s**t again and the left cancels him. It was a close call a couple weeks ago.
Increase viewership with the leftists looking for something to bitch about.
Musk doesn't have a TV station yet & he's the proverbial anti-canceller, we really should petition him to start the Clarkson Channel to one-up ol'e Bozo the Clown so we can enjoy this treasure while he's still alive & able to entertain..
Clarkson just needs to stay out of the political crap and giving those who already don't like him more reason to be vocal about it.

He's such a good entertainer that he doesn't need controversy to generate hype...