Collectable things over the years slammers, marbles, coke cans with sport teams etc.


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Apr 23, 2012
I remember the first thing I collected was slammers later called tazzos during the 95 world cup. You got quite a few with selected players from all teams, I had Francois Pienaar, Joost van der Westhuizen, Joel Stransky, Shaun Fitzpatric, the biggest 2 to have was Jonah Lomu and Chester Williams and I had both. I had about 20 of these slammers and it's a pitty I didn't keep them.
The second thing I remember collecting is Lion King marbles which came out when the movie was released. You baught them I think at petrol stations in a packet with a marble and stickers and you had to collect the marbles and stickers of all characters. I collected all marbles, we also didn't play with these, they were for carrying around and showing off.
The third thing I remember is coke cans with sport teams or players during big sport tournaments. I can't remember if the 95 world cup had cans but I collected the 96 Africa cup of nations cans, also the 2002 soccer world cup cans and the 2003 cricket world cup cans. In all cases I each time had the entire collection or almost the entire one.
Later on we also got collectable pokimon tazzos in Simba chips, I collected these but they are not as memmerable as the other above mentioned. I guess it's because the others has big sporting events atatched to them, it's a pitty I didn't keep any of the stuff it would have looked nice someware on a bar.