Communications Minister to appeal court ruling

Do you think the Communications Minister should appeal the VANS high court ruling?

  • Yes

    Votes: 3 1.6%
  • No

    Votes: 183 98.4%

  • Total voters
Well hopefully Ivy will be gone by next week... and this will all be forgotten.
Too bad Malema is an idiot, this is the one person who is actually "Counter-revolutionary" and should be brought to order :)
This will be barrels of fun. She is actually looking to slaan her name with a plank. Lovely :p !
Go on Ivy! You show us all how YOU know best! Meanwhile I'll just be carving on this voodoo doll here....
can't we throw a doughnut fest and poison ivy
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Eish... what a sucker for punishment! I would use some more choice words... but I would probably be banned :(
This proves she doesn't care about south african citizens at all.


Who the hell said yes in the poll?
didn't they pay her enough to shatup and keep quiet?
but on a serious note: is anyone really surprised? im not. just wondering what took her so long...:confused: