Competition Commission orders Takealot to make major changes, says they will apply to Amazon too


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May 24, 2010
Big changes coming for Takealot — and a warning for Amazon

Takealot must make significant changes to its website and operations to address market distortions caused by its dominance in South Africa, the Competition Commission has ordered.

These findings and remedial actions were in the commission’s Online Intermediation Platforms Market Inquiry report, released on Monday.
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I doubt anyone can actually disagree with any of this.... especially the lack of segregation.
Major changes for plenty of retailers or at least some serious consideration considering there are quite a few with similar programs...
What does this even mean?

The inquiry also found that historically disadvantaged businesses face additional restrictions when trying to break into e-commerce.

Does it mean that if you are white and start a business in 2023, you automatically hit the ground running, because you are white?
Let's kill the businesses that are still functioning. How dare they!
"In addition, Takealot must implement a historically disadvantaged person (HDP) programme that provides:"

Why don't this Hodge farker fire himself?
So as a consumer, some of these changes will possibly make Takealot a more annoying user experience, but I can't really disagree with them in principal cos we know that Takealot are scummy as fsck given half a chance.

The HDP shyte though should be booted to the curb.
They can come up with this bs, but absolutely nothing about the complete fakery on pricing.

i.e. 50% off from a price that was increased by 50% 2 days ago - Takealot.