Complete lack of any assistance from WebAfrica


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May 2, 2012
Hi all,

Does anybody know how to get any kind of assistance at all from WebAfrica?

Their "super duper fast" WhatsApp chat service takes a few hours to days before any one responds, and then they all full of promises about the issue being resolved, but unsurprisingly nobody fixes the issue or gets back to you like they promised.

The only telephone department that answers is sales, and if you ask them ANYTHING other than sales related question, they insist that they must put you through to somewhere else, which is never answered. At present I have been on hold for 37 minutes waiting to speak to "one of our management". What management? Clearly this company has none.

I have never had a single reply to any email Ive sent them, regardless of the department.

I was incorrectly billed in May due to a mistake made by WebAfrica staff, and all I have asked is that my account be credited, but this seems to be literally impossible.

I see 3,187 complaints on Hello Peter, with not a single response from the company, and I see a slew of complaints here on MBB.

I guess my next stop ISPA?
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Mar 5, 2013
They dont, change ISP im already looking around researching.
ISPA not heard of them, but now also logged ticket with them hopefully with enough complaints they can really slap WA awake - they used to be such a good ISP then lockdown happend and they all decided why bother with this work thing.
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