Concern over load-shedding due to potential wet coal problems at Eskom

My dad worked at power stations for over 25 years back in the 70s-80s. They have super-heaters that could take coal that was extremely wet and dry it as they don't actually burn blocks of coal, they make it into a fine powder to burn - which is much easier to remove moisture from. He doesn't remember a time they had to shutdown production due to wet coal.

Where Eskom gets this nonsense from is beyond me. its 2020, if anything we should be EVEN MORE efficient at drying coal now.
If someone could send me the number for whose in charge of keeping the coal dry I’m happy to send reminders to them. I know it’s not easy keeping up with the weather and a long to-do list.
Wet coal. The one ANC invention that nobody made before.
Now we wait for their next great discovery: that wet coal does burn in other parts of the world.
Then wait for another pennie to drop....
Pretty hilarious. Excuse after excuse after excuse. Rather than just saying we are dumb has horse crap and can manage nothing
Come on guys. De Ruyter is doing his best at an impossible job. Nobody here could do better
If only someone at Eskom kept up to date with the news so they could be prepared.



Eskom declares power emergency due to wet coal​

Unlikely to improve until around Tuesday.


Chief Commercial Officer Dan Marokane said Eskom had put measures in place to buy better-quality coal and to protect its stock from upcoming rainfalls.

etc etc...
I remember Cyclone Domoina. Some areas had flooding that was at several times the water volume ever recorded before. Roads and bridges washed away with food being airlifted to communities that had been cut off.

The power stayed on, somehow ancient knowledge was able to deal with wet coal.
Wet coal was a hoax... the court showed us it was a k@k story.