Connect Bluray DVD Player to the net


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Jan 15, 2010

I recentley bought a samsung bluray player and tried connecting it to the net to do firmware upgrades and all but failed. Does anyone know what has to be done to get a connection? The menu options only provide u with setting to test and to specify a proxy if one exists and also the DNS options if u do not want to detect automatically. I cannot find anywhere to specify username and password so as to establish the connection. When I click test connection it just say failed check network setup. Anyone to help?


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Jul 7, 2010
Id like to know as well.I have a Sammy bdp1600 with Youtube accessibility.Took my set to a Sammy approved repairer for free upgrade while under gaurantee.


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May 10, 2010
I have a LG networked blue ray player, and a netgear router.
Plug'd it in and all worked great, updated and can view youtube videos. stream from my pc ect ect.
It sounds like at some point someone has put some settings on your router to restrict traffic in some way.
a possibility is the device isnt getting a IP address cause your router isnt using DHCP (a setting)
firewall may need configuring, ports forwarding and other advanced crap that isnt needed really (dont flame me please about this, i know you can)
the problem is at the router and highly unlikely at the player. dont mess with the players settings, rather sort out the routers settings,
Recommend to reset to factory settings after making sure you have your isp user/pass.
this should resolve the problem.


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Jan 26, 2009
I assume you are using a wired network connection donnybrasco? I just hooked up my BDP1600 to my wireless network last night. It proved simple and fast. Plugged in the usb adapter, detected networks (mine and my neighbours), selected my network, entered the password and was done. Did a firmware update and then messed around on Youtube a bit. (It doesn't connect to the modem/router itself, but another access point on the network.)