Connecting HD-PVR, Sinotec TV, Stylus Multimedia Player & small Surround Sound System


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Mar 27, 2012

What would it take for me to get connected?

My TV has Earphones Out, 2 HDMI (IN), PC IN PC-Audio (IN) and RF (IN) ports. It also has a Component IN section that houses the following ports: Y Pb/Cb and PR/CR. Then there is an AV & Component Audio IN section which houses the following ports: Video, Audio - R and Audio - L. The TV also has a USB port and it's own media player function *learnt that today*, so I might be in a position to return the Stylus Media Player...

The Stylus Media Player has the following ports:
VGA Jack
A/V OUT Jack
RJ45 Lan Socket
USB 2.0 Host Port
S/PDIF Optical Jack

The HD-PVR Decoder has the following:

S/PDIF Digital Audio Out
Coaxial Digital Audio Out
Audio Left and Audio Right
Composite Video Out
RF in and RF out

The Surround Sound is simplest with only a Red and White RCA Aux Input.

At the moment, the HD-PVR is plugged into the TV via HDMI and the surround sound is connected to the Audio IN and Out of the Decoder and the sound works. Switching to the Stylus Media player or using the TV's internal media player by plugging my hard drive directly into the USB jack, doesn't use the surround sound.

It's a good thing I'm cute as I'm not always bright :D Would you be willing to help me?

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Sep 16, 2009
Plug both media player and HD pvr into tv via hdmi. Then use audio out from tv if it has it (red/white rca) or buy a headphones to rca cable to get the audio to the surround sound. In this way the audio of anything that is playing on the TV will be directed to the surround sound player (stereo only of course).