Contrast setting problem on Hisense U7G TV


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Jan 26, 2022
Hello. I have a U7G and it won't remember / won't apply the contrast setting when the video stream changes.

For example: the setting is set to 60, then on YouTube or Netflix, every time there's a new video the contrast setting disengages, the screens brightness goes way up / gets milky. I have to go into the picture settings tree every time and bring up the contrast slider, click it up or down by a point and then the contrast setting kicks in and the picture looks good. But every time the video feed changes the contrast setting fails to work and I have to go in to the setting and change the number to get it to work.

Any thoughts?

Wrath of Khan

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May 4, 2015
I haven't looked at my hisense tv's (I don't have a U7, I've got a U8) but it sounds like yours is automatically picking up the brightness of the room and adjusting itself, like a cellphone.

Push the 'cog' button and go to 'settings' then 'picture' then 'picture mode settings' then 'adaptive contrast' in there you can select how you want it, or off.

failing that, right at the bottom is 'restore current picture mode settings'