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Cool Ideas on MetroFibre


Active Member
Nov 6, 2014
Hi All

I am not sure if I am posting in the right area. Mods, please move and accept my apologies.

I had been on Webafrica with openserve for over a year and had no issues.

Having wanting to go uncapped and seeing the positives for Cool Ideas I decided to use them on MetroFibre Network as the cost seemed like good value.

Granted my delay with moving was linked to Webafrica and them wanting a 30 Calendar Day Notice.

The issue:
Line Noise was high at -30db and MetroFibre had to come in and bring it down to the acceptable -26db which they did and I then moved onto my 10Mb line.

I called in and asked to be upgraded to 25Mb as I needed a little more speed for my needs. I was told it should be done when I get home.

I get home, test and find that I am still on 10Mb.

I then Logged the same with MetroFibre and was asked to do some tests to elemental the router and WiFi ETC. Which I do and send back the findings.

They then say that they have logged it with the line provider and that before they look on their side they have the line checked.

Metrofiber sent a technician out who said the line is within acceptable range but said he will improve it. He then managed to bring it down to -20db after an hour of work.

I then spoke to his manager who said its setup on his side as 25Mb and also did some tests and said all is fine. He called me back to confirm that they did all they can and also checked everything and assured me that the problem is not the line.
I asked for a test account and he said he does not have one but I can ask MetroFibre for one as he is in technical only.

I then send this to Cool Ideas including screenshots from the tests I did following the changes but still getting just 10Mb.
I am then informed that Cool Ideas only resell Data and that MetroFibre and the like are in-charge of the line speed.

I am now in a position that I paid for 25Mb but getting less than half that with an ISP that is blaming the Line Provider and the Line Provider blaming the ISP.

In addition to this, I am getting packet loss to international sites, local seems acceptable but also note some loss.