Coronavirus testing - A first-hand account of how it works

Jamie McKane

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Mar 2, 2016
Coronavirus testing - A first-hand account of how it works

A MyBroadband reader recently got sick - with symptoms including a cough, a sore throat, fatigue, and a high temperature - after returning to Johannesburg from a trip to Cape Town.

Having travelled through two international airports, the reader was concerned that he may have been infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus.


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Jun 28, 2017
National Treasury has asked the public to submit tips and suggestions to help stem the tide of COVID-19. The email address supplied is:
I have suggested a few things and would make a STRONG suggestion that as many testing kits as possible be procured in order to widen the scope of testing. Very few people will know whether they have been infected or not especially via local infection and it is imperative that people with "flu" like symptoms get tested as soon as possible.

I would much rather have a negative test result than have associated with many people via transport or work etc. and unknowingly infect them. This is in my opinion, a disaster waiting to happen if the government does not relax the testing criteria.

An interesting article can be read at:


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May 19, 2009
“What we really need to focus on is finding those who are sick, those who have the virus, and isolate them, find their contacts, and isolate them,” he said.
I think this is what the Koreans did well to stem the tide and flatten the curve. Test, test, test. And test some more.

I understand that there are some who only want to test a certain profile of candidate, which possibly comes from some silly concept that we must save testing for certainties.

This is not strict enough if we want to get ahead of the curve. Hopefully, national lockdown will change the urgency and vigour to stop the scourge wading into the more vulnerable in our society.


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Aug 4, 2008
They need to now drop the international travel bit as a criteria. Just go on symptoms, except where a person has been in contact with a person who has tested positive like they do now.