COVID-19: Fluke, Design, or Lab Mistake?

Do you think COVID-19 is as a result of:

  • Nature. It jumped hosts, found an intermediary and landed up in humans.

  • Lab: It was being tested against human cells in a lab, and there was a containment breach.

  • Design: Its a weapon designed for reasons known or unknown.

  • Lies: It was actually in humans LONG before November, but was covered up until November.

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Jan 12, 2016
There are some articles coming up regarding the origin of COVID-19. In particular one interesting one that claims if COVID-19 was the result of species crossing, it would have still needed much more time to fully adapt to humans to enable it to attack us as well as it is. This points to the possibility that the the virus was already exposed to human cells in lab testing, and that it escaped from there - having already learned the ability to infect human cells quickly and effectively. (not necessarily maliciously).

Other possibilities also include the fact that for it to have adapted to infecting humans to well, it may have actually been circulating in China for months before November when its ability to infect increased by an exponential factor.



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May 24, 2012
It's a pretty pathetic pathogen if you think it's designed but also very sustained due to it killing only a percent or 2 of the population. This is the work of nature and the weaker strains will thrive better than a strong strain.

I'm honestly dumbfounded how many people think this thing was designed.


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May 13, 2009
Was there COVID-19 in France last November?

"This could establish that coronavirus cases existed right across the world before the pandemic was officially recognized." from the article. link below.