Credit card confirmation web site keeps timing out.

John Tempus

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Aug 8, 2017
The thing is I can access it over MTN data just not on this one tower. I've actually got a ticket with the coverage department at MTN but they haven't responded to me at all.
Yup, like I said I had the same issue on vodacom tower years ago.

I suspect the tower where this is happening is assigning you blacklisted ips or something of that nature.

At this point its really just guessing.


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Sep 5, 2010
I've noticed I get upload packet loss to some servers. So there's no MTN rep here on mybroadband?

What's hilarious though is MTN reply super quick to me when they think I can't pay them but as soon as they see that my account is up to date because I use a debit order all responses end. It's ridiculous I've had this problem for six months now and no help what so ever.