Criminal tentacles sucking SA


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Jun 27, 2005
crime isnt the problem that needs solving$map_s;sma=50;smi=1.2$inds=ZAF_tGO,,,,

looking at that, if you leave crime going at the rate it is, it will solve itself.

(click the play button)

here is another one to demonstrate the problem$map_s;sma=50;smi=1.2$inds=ZAF_tG3,,,,

hey, I'm having fun here
1st world vs 3rd world,,,,;SWZ_tGO,,,,;SWE_tGO,,,,;CHE_tGO,,,,

a very unique country, in that most of the graphs are going backwards.
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Nov 17, 2005
Like I said #1 is the most complex of these soltions. We need more than just incidental windfall employment opportunities. We need a macro economic plan that would put more emphasis on job creation for people that are currently unemployable. The ppl with no skills and very little education. Unfortunately such palns do not bear imidiate fruits. At the moment there is no concrete plan by GVt as to how they will alleviate poverty.
... 13 years later... Splendid! Not.

Building houses and infrastructure and training the bricklayers and pipe layers and electricians through grants and bursaries and learnerships should be easy. Especially with things like the lotto. NAH, too much work, too much effort, who cares for the people!


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Jan 12, 2007
I think three things need to happen for crime to be curbed in any meaningfull way, IMHO none of which will probably ever happen in SA.

First; Goverment need to put more firearms in responsible citizens hands at a faster rate than it's happening now and bring in castle laws.

Second; Business owners need to take ownership of the responsibility to not employ non-citizens and government should also audit this.

Third; The police and goverment need to step up and really throw the gauntlet down on criminals and also eject non-citizens from the country.