Cuban workers employed at R1.126 million each because South Africa doesn't have the skills - De Lille

South Africa employing Cuban workers at R1.126 million each

The Department of Public Works and Infrastructure employed 24 Cuban nationals at a cost of R1,125,725 each.

Public Works Minister Patricia De Lille said the dearth of the relevant skills available in South Africa forced them to import these highly specialized skills from Cuba.
Oh BFS...look at the fence your experts build Pattie! You've just fallen into line with the ANC. All your fire and spunk you used to have was absorbed, and you're no better than the longer serving members of the ANC.
Time to pay the pied Cuban. Past debts needs to be settled one way or the other.
Surely, such highly skilled people in SA would demand way more than paltry 1.2 million? We got 30 year olds earning that much on mybb if I look at 'How much do you earn' thread.

I'd strongly suspect it was a shortcoming of the tender process. That process only succeeds if "someone" tenders for the services. RFI's and market analysis should be done before a tender goes out to determine if specs are correct, and whether there is any capability in the market (all documented with records of responses). There are ways on encouraging responses whilst staying fair to everyone, but tenders seem to have become very hands-off and don't solicit the best possible solutions. Really time for an overhaul of the effectiveness of the tender system.

It was probably 'easier' to arrange the Cubans through an inter-governmental agreement, and bypass all the challenges and checks of a tender process. It's the same way additional Microsoft products are just purchased after the initial agreement was signed for limited products. Subsequent additional services just state 'there is an existing contract' and millions of Rands extra can be spent without going back to market.
The question nobody seems to be asking is not whether the government is overpaying the Cuban engineers but rather if everyone else is selling themselves below market rates.

It doesn’t justify what government is doing especially considering the situation in SA at the moment but the salaries are in line with what engineers generally earn