Cybercrime cell busted after stealing 45 Millions Dollars


King of de Jungle
Mar 17, 2005
Eight people were charged in New York Thursday for being part of a global cybercrime ring that allegedly stole altogether 45 million dollars by hacking into debit card accounts and withdrawing money from ATMs worldwide.

The eight men who were indicted, one of whom was killed in the Dominican Republic two weeks ago, are charged with stealing around 2.8 million dollars in a matter of hours in New York City, justice officials said.

The New York cell was allegedly part of a global ring that hacked into prepaid bank accounts worldwide to eliminate limits on cash withdrawal and used ATMs in 24 countries to withdraw about 40 million dollars within 10 hours in late February.

"The defendants and their co-conspirators participated in a massive 21st-century bank heist that reached across the Internet and stretched around the globe," said Loretta Lynch, a US district attorney. "In the place of guns and masks, this cybercrime organization used laptops and the Internet."

Source : Sapa-dpa /pd
Date : 09 May 2013 23:40