[Cyclists]: New app to keep track of Bicycle components and services


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Jan 24, 2008

There are so many apps out there to keep track of what we are doing while cycling, but as Cyclists we all know there is a lot more than just having fun, at Lusus we felt we needed to help with that.

With the Lusus Log book, we hope to help you keep track of all the other important things that keep your rides fun and smooth. With the log book you will be able to keep track of all the finer details about your Road or Mountain bike, like geometry, suspension and tyre pressures, and even service intervals and component replacements.

We hope with easy access to this extra details, keeping your bike in tip top shape will be easier than ever before, and maybe even give you some insight into what works best for your unique ride.

In addition to the Log book, lusus also curates Cycling events, currently only for South Africa, but we will be expanding soon, you will be able to access events within the mobile app as well as on our website, Lusus.Fit.

Some additional features for Lusus include:
» Cycling events, we consolidate all the cycling events we can find, current only for South Africa and you can access these through both our mobile application as well as our website, Lusus.Fit.
» Articles, some reviews and details on some of the events members of our team have ridden.
» Tips and Tricks, we curate some awesome YouTube videos to help both beginners and experienced rider learn new skills or improve the ones they already have.

Android: https://www.lusus.fit/android | iOS: Submitting to app store (Get notified: https://www.lusus.fit/ios).
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