DA's Head of Policy resigns


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Mar 17, 2009
"Let's hire an engineer to make engineering decisions for our organisation. Call them the head of engineering, then ignore every recommendation that they make."
indeed. i never said that is not the case. that could be one side of the story too. i have seen tantrums of people not getting what they want at the workplace too.

this appears to be a half-assed attempt at implementing that position, no job decription etc. unless they themselves didnt know what they expected from that person in that position. seen this happen too, new position opens up and little to no attention is given to it by the company. poor planning and execution etc. to them a novel idea.

has this position always been part of their structure and had its own unit and dedicated representatives?

also, for all i know this person could have been hired to handle other peoples policies, like some admin role. not to create their own and push for it.
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Dec 6, 2015
The DA is a dying horse. They have passed the "golden ratio" between black and white representation. They have nowhere to go. No future. Just to bad if you fail to see that. ANC is also dying. For different reasons though. EFF and other extremists parties are South Africa's future. #LiveWithIt


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Feb 26, 2011
DA members concerned about impact of Ngwenya's public exit
Johannesburg - The resignation of Gwen Ngwenya as the DA's head of policy sparked debate among party members about the damage such policy differences could mean for the party ahead of an election year. Leaked screenshots of messaged exchanged between senior DA members have laid bare concerns that Ngwenya's highly-publicised departure could cause unwanted consequences for the party.

Ngwenya's resignation letter went public on Thursday and detailed her unhappiness with the DA's policy direction. She said, "ideas are not a battleground the DA likes to tread on". She also complained about a lack of direction for her role as the head of policy and said her office was understaffed and lacked resources and support. Independent Media is in possession of the screenshots which were sent by a reliable source. DA members expressed concern about "the intention to inflict maximum damage, make the party leadership look directionless and weak," one message read.