Data Bundles: A comparison of costs


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Jan 22, 2010
Now that I've decided to ditch my Blackberry (and accompanying BIS), I am interested in prepaid data bundle costs.
I hunted around MyBB but couldn't find a comparison of prepaid data bundle costs between Vodacom, MTN and CellC.

Found this useful however although it is a few months old:
Money Smart - data-bundles-a-comparison-of-costs/

RPM: You couldn't do a more up-to-date one, could you? *Pretty please*

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Jan 20, 2010
Sorry I misunderstood. The information you are looking for should be on the separate company websites. Check out what can be carried over to the next month. That allows you to buy a bigger bundle to use over 60 days (MTN) and up to 60 days Vodacom. I have a Vodacom phone and I just downloaded a 10MB bundle for R9. It is valid till 31 March 2013.


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Nov 1, 2010
For prepaid Cell C or 8ta. There is no good prepaid deals from Vodacom and MTN if not counting specials ending soon. Your choices would be more evident if you have specified your monthly usage. There are good offers for 5GB p/m usage, not so good for smaller one. Exception is 8ta GoBig 2+1GB R149 (valid up to two months) and Cell C 15c/MB flat rate valid 30 days after purchasing any 30-days bundle. There are also long term (365 days) offers from Cell C and 8ta.
8ta GoBig specials use special non-roaming SIM, difficult to deal if data is used on the phone, as there is no roaming to MTN and 8ta coverage is limited.
Cell C will roam to Vodacom only on EDGE (despite to the announcements) and no roaming at all on Giga packages.
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