De Ruyter: Complying with air quality rules could plunge South Africa into stage 15 power cuts


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May 24, 2010
Eskom CEO warns of stage 15 load-shedding

Unless South Africa aggressively invests in renewable energy and relaxes air quality standards, Eskom’s models show it might need to implement stage 15 load-shedding.

This was the warning from Eskom CEO André de Ruyter, who spoke at the Africa Renewables Investment Summit in Cape Town, News24 reported.
...better to continue polluting. Eskom is #1 at that in the world, and detemined to not give up that position.

That said...where does Stage 15 come in? They've been telling us that Stage 8 means lights out and 3 weeks to bring the grid back up. Where did they hide the other stages?
Well.... We have wind and solar manufacturing businesses shut down a few years ago.
We have had proposed installations, stalled and then pull out of SA.
Furthermore, we were READY to go big with renewable more than 5 years ago!!!
If it wasn't for cANCer greed, corruption, incompetence, and BEEE rubbish, we would have been free of load shedding, going into 2023.
AND we would have led the world in reduced emission standards.
i think we need stage 15 salary shedding in eskom. let's start there and see if they can save up money to fix things.
As if, these cretins have been getting annual salary increases while they are causing economic collapse all around.

In an ideal world they'd dump most of their useless staff, cut the salaries of their management and shoot on sight anyone that dares to strike. They are supposed to be an essential service.
I have news for you all, we have enough coal until 2050. This is the official word from one of SA's 100% South African-owned coal mines. New coal shafts take 5 years or so to build so take that into account.