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Definitive answer? Accurate map of cell phone towers with services.


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May 18, 2010
The short version.
What do you use to see where a cell tower is and what services are available on it?
It seems if we run cellmapper.net for a little while we will have good accurate data.
Tested this in my area, data was updated within 24 hrs.
Now expanding this to area with a question. Will know in day if this works well.

An extract from my own personal notes if anyone want to comment.
a. cellmapper.net
==> This is good, updated the map within 24 hrs of me collecting data
Ensure your phone is supported:

b. opencellid.org
Create account for API key, seems good, cant see map.
Download the data in CSV. Looks like this, work to use this:

c. opensignal.com
==> Nonsense, must run from mobile OS to see possible results.

The longer version.
A few older forum posts exist, some dating back years.
No clear indication what map to use with relative accurate location of cell tower with description of what services are available.

Why this question.
I assist friends and relatives in South Africa at times.

My approach.
To give accurate recommendations one need to know if a service is available.
Then measure the above service to see if it should satisfy the need.

The issue.
It seems service providers are not aware they have services available even though when I assist I can see it is available.
How to make informed decisions?

This brings us to the issue, if this is inconsistent for me, surely I must be mad, or, many others experience the same.


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May 18, 2010
No one else have an interest here?

I can confirm cellmapper.net works.
It updates as stated within 24 hrs.
Positioning of towers not very accurate.
You need to circle towers somewhat to get better accuracy.

Still correlating findings vs opencellid.org`s massive database and less preferred opensignal.com {only run on mobile OS}.

Updates follow later.