Delay in grades returning to school next week – here’s what you need to know


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Apr 21, 2008
Our school just confirmed - this announcement can get stuffed we have our schedule and we are not budging.


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Feb 22, 2016
honestly homeschooling, at this point what will kids learn about?

sorry their expensive private schools need to close, but they are better off becoming a office park.
Dude, get a grip on reality please. What are you even talking about, there's nothing about private schools in that link. And the private /independent schools are anyway already open for all grades.
Our 10 year old has been back since last week. Half the grade attends Monday and Wednesday while the other half attends Tuesdays and Thursday.

On fridays the school gets sanitised.

She does her work in class that needs to be done and then gets work to do at home on the days she doesn't have to attend.

Since I prefer to not let my wife deal with her, at least I get two days where I can concentrate 100% on my work and don't have to run around trying to help her.

I have no idea when our 13 year old is going back. In fact the school stopped uploading work almost a month ago so right now I'm just making her do maths until she is blue in the face. It's either that or I let her to her own devices which in variably would end with her walking around the house doing Tiktok dances and singing.
Both mine are back, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, then Tuesday and Thursday the next week, alternating like that.